About Cold Laser

Dr. J. Glenn Smith believes in an integrated approach to health care. He works with a network of highly qualified doctors in Dallas to offer the patient the best care available. He has been serving the Dallas Forth Worth area Irving, Plano, Mesquite, Allen, Arlington and the midcities since 1992. With the inclusion of cold laser therapy to his practice in 1996 his patient base expanded from the DFW area to the surrounding states from where patients regularly travel from for treatment. Dr. Smith has gone beyond the norm and helped pioneer the treatment of Carpal tunnel syndrome by participating in the first FDA study on the effects of cold laser therapy on soft tissue injuries. His participation in the study lasted over 5 years and he found the Microlight 830 Laser to be highly effective in helping relieve nerve pain and swelling due to repetitive stress injuries of the hands arms and neck and a multitude of other painful syndromes. He found early on this technology to be beneficial for all his patients suffering with all types of chronic and acute pain. Based on the results he was seeing he knew he was on the cutting edge of a new treatment for pain and thus founded the Cold Laser Treatment Center ™ in Dallas the first cold laser pain center in the country. As of February 2010 Dr. Smith has completed over 38,000 cold laser treatments on numerous painful conditions which makes him the most experienced doctors in the country using this technology. Conditions he has treated over the years include carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, knee, back, neck, sciatica, Disc injuries, cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve injuries, tendinitis, tennis elbow, wounds, shingles pain (too many to list ) and conditions that do not respond to other treatments. Conditions in the past that would have normally been treated with drugs or surgery can now be safely treated with non-burning cold lasers and without the side effects of scaring or drug use. Dr. Smith’s years of knowledge in understanding how this technology works has given him the ability to know what type of lasers work best for the type of conditions to be treated, because of this he has several types of lasers at his disposal to choose from. Dr. Smith utilizes safe, effective, and proven treatment methods and promotes overall wellness so that the natural healing power of your body can perform at its best. He has been featured on Channel 5 Health Watch explaining the benefits of laser for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions and has written for a health column answering questions relating to laser therapy for a local newspaper and has been featured in a national paper and has lectured on the subject. He graduated Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1992 and holds a certificate from the Texas board of Chiropractic and National Board of Chiropractic examiners. He is a Member of the Microlight Medical Advisory Board as an adviser as an industry expert on coldlasers and may teach and indicate new uses for the laser by starting new clinical research studies. He is an Injury prevention consultant for business a Member of the American Society of Laser Therapy and has studied extensively in Functional Medicine, nutritional blood analysis, Anti-aging, Bio-identical Hormones and holds Certificate from the Functional Medicine University. He will continue his studies with laser on conditions other than carpal tunnel syndrome and use functional medicine to help patients with a wide variety of conditions. He is an approved doctor for Texas Workers compensation and Federal Workers compensation. Certified (DOT) Department Of Transportation Doctor Approved for drug , alcohol testing,  and  driver medical certification  exams. Offers wellness prevention plans and yearly blood analysis and Drug testing  for business.